The Enemy

Please don't call these fucks at Trafalgar Square 'anti-war'. And don't ask me to credit the kids for being naive. They're listening to the speeches from the Muslim Alliance (or whatever it's called). They're adjusting their morals to fit that world view which abides suicide bombers.

How can people be so off their beam nowadays? This is no 'loyal opposition' here. "Young men go crazy because of Bush" and blow themselves up (murdering women and children), but didn't Bush and Blair drive them crazy?

Yes, we've driven these young men crazy! Poor young men (who, having a successful revolution, set up Islamic-fascist states like the Taliban and in Iran).

No, it's Bush and Blair with the fangs and the blood on their chins. And London's mayor says Bush is the most dangerous man in the world.

The speakers here love to repeat that, and thank god, it's true. I'm very happy our American president is in charge of WMD's.
Like the 'anti-war' protests on the mall in Washington D.C., you get the feeling here reminiscient of the German Bund rallies at Madison Square Garden during the 30's. A few pacifists are on stage here, true,--- old anti-nuke activists,--- but the crowd is driven to a cheering frenzy by the Islamists. As if they represent a liberation movement!

These folks are clearly not anti-war.

I know it's a bad sign, intellectually, when you can't even begin to sympathize with your opponents' view-point. But that's in a democracy, when both sides are trying to appeal to the middle.

But in war, you recognize your enemy. You recognize the enemy of civilization.

Or, you share the stage with them and become the enemy yourselves.
I find it very interesting, once I've gotten over my own urge to kill: these speakers who are still socially acceptable before Western audiences will often deny that Jihadists were responsible for 911 in the first place.

That is heartening. It shows, at least, that they think the attack on the towers was wrong.

A year or two ago, there was a 'but yet...'

Now, their speeches have changed. There's no denial.

Our pro-Israeli policies (that is, pro-democracy policies) are so egregious that young people go insane. And Bush Bush Boosh! is responsible.
It appears that the expected 1968 style 'days of rage' are a wash out, though. This morning's bombings in Turkey against the British (after bombings earlier this week against synagogues) have shamed most of the expected protester away. A blogger compared the turn-out to the number of protesters against the Augusta National country club for not admitting women. That's an exaggeration, but so are CNN's assertions that there were 'tens of thousands', apparently.

Common sense is going to prevail, surely. I worry sometimes myself, since I think the Left is under the hypnosis of rock and roll and hip hop. After all, it's hard to imagine how anyone who is deeply humanitarian can protest this war after those mass-graves were discovered. (All they can say is, why not go up against the other tyrants too...but you know they'd buck if we did. And what's wrong with starting at square one?)

Tonight my mom worried that she isn't a nice person anymore. She feels she ought to be anti-war, but knows she can't be now.

I hope our faddish British and American peace-nicks are coming to the same conclusion. Because it's pretty damn obvious that 'anti war' actually means 'anti-western' and pro-fascist "liberation".

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