Going To Asia For Medical Tourism? Here Are Some

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If you are one of the thousands of people considering medical tourism as an option for your health needs, how can you be sure that your trip will be everything that you hope it will be? Here are some practical tips to help make sure that your trip is smooth sailing.

Make sure you have a signed, valid passport and the required visas. Imagine the inconvenience and the trouble you will get yourself into if you don't have the necessary documents. Worse, you might even end up spending a night or two in jail.

Are you deem fit by your doctor for traveling long distance? This is an important question. You will need to endure about 12 to 16 hours of travel to Asia. Think about how long you want to go away for and how far are you prepared to travel. Will you have to go alone? Do you need somebody to accompany you? Be flexible with your schedule as you can as you may have to stay longer if there is a complication, and it is preferable that the surgeon and provider treat you there and then, rather than at home when it becomes more difficult.

Check all your medical prescriptions for necessary refills. Bring along a list of your medications, and be sure to include their generic names, as brand names may differ from place to place.

Learn about local laws and respect the customs of the countries to which you are traveling. While in a foreign country, you are subject to its laws. When in Thailand, DO NOT publicly criticize or make fun of the Thai monarchy, or you will be jailed for 15 years! So mind what you say and do. DO NOT EVER consume or bring illegal drugs with you. Countries like Singapore impose harsh penalties if caught with illegal drugs. A doctor's prescription is preferably be carried along with any medication.

Make 2 copies of your passport identification page. This will facilitate replacement if your passport is lost or stolen. Leave one copy at home with friends or relatives. Carry the other with you in a separate place from your passport.

Leave a copy of your itinerary with family or friends at home so that you can be contacted in case of an emergency.

DO NOT leave your luggage unattended in public areas. DO NOT accept packages from strangers. We have heard enough horror stories of travelers arrested for unknowingly carrying those packages that contained illegal stuff.

Prior to your departure, you should register with the nearest embassy or consulate of your country. Your country might offer online registration and do check them out. Registration will make your presence and whereabouts known in case it is necessary to contact you in an emergency.

To avoid being a target of crime, do not wear flashy clothing and expensive jewelry and do not carry excessive amounts of money or unnecessary credit cards. In order to avoid violating local laws, deal only with authorized money exchange agents. If you get into trouble, contact you country's nearest embassy as soon as possible.

So, do your homework. Put thoughtful consideration into all your preparation, be alert and mindful of your actions and you too can join the growing ranks of medical tourists. Then you can sit back, relax and enjoy a delightful and memorable medical travel vacation experience.
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