Why am I up so late? Well I'm very excited, of course. We're about to have a weather event, almost like a Midwestern hurricane. Our weather service says the wind will start to blow 50 mph this morning at least, and it will last until late afternoon.

I regard weather events as 'cover' for staying home. This will be like a vacation from guilt, for me. But of course I'm ruining it now, telling you.
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You don't give up on the internet, of course. You just look for better hang outs. I like Gawker.com It's New York, and you know I love New York, since Annie is there.

Quote from the first post : "Youth culture and its fashions are deeply and importantly over."

That would suit me, of course. In fact I've been scouring the internet trying to find some people who've figured that out.

I'm going to be cool before I'm 50 gdmt.
My theory is that Youth Culture got a stake in the heart when VH1 started its nostalgia shows "I Love The '80s" , etc. and we all realized that, while fads are very stupid in retrospect, youthful commentators like Michael Ian Black are insufferable in the here and now.

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