Why do people go for travels?

Human being is of curious nature. To discover new and exciting places, feasting the eyes with beauty of nature and meet with new peoples always excite anyone. To get these excitements people started traveling since very ancient days.

In India travel was developed in the form of ‘Tirth Yatra’ (pilgrimage). ‘Shantanu’, the father of ‘Shravan’, and his wife were blind and unable to travel but they were so curious for their ‘Tirth Yatra’ that his son ‘Shrvan’ made a ‘kanvar’, a special carrier, for his parents and he carried the kavad on his shoulder to fulfill their desire. The great ‘Devarshi Narad’ always used to be on travel only. The ‘Char Dhams’ were purposely made to facilitate and make popular the travels.

Herodotus from Greek made great travels in the 5th century BC. Chinese traveler Heuin Tsang traveled India in 7th Century. History of the world is full of great travelers like Christopher Columbus, Marco Polo, Odisseus, Vasco da Gama, Magellan, Przhevalsky, Afanasy Nikitin, Tur Heerdal, Jacque Coustau etc.

Traveling is a great attraction for people of any age. Children are most fond of traveling. Whenever there is any planning for tour and travel, they start being excited and making preparations since several days before from the start of journey.

People go on journey generally for:
  • Getting a change from daily routine life
  • Feasting their eyes by seeing the beautiful natural scenes like hills, forests, oceans, wild animals etc.
  • Visit mythological places

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