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Skiing In Spain

When we think of skiing, we often think of an expensive Alpine adventure. However, there are top flight less expensive spots where ample excitement is available, such as countless skiing experiences in diverse areas of Spain such as the Aragonese Pyrenees, Catalan Pyrenees and Andorran Pyrenees. These are Spanish mountain ranges with first-rate skiing facilities.

It's a fact that numerous five star facilities as well as economical holiday facilities are available in the skiing regions of Spain. It may not be exactly like skiing in France, the Alps, or in Austria, Switzerland or even Italy where it appears to be always snowing; yet the Spanish Pyrenees are second to none when compared to the finest ski destinations. You may even have a nicer time than you would in the more celebrated destinations when you consider what is available in those better known locations. There just may be more value for your money.

In Spain the amenities available in most ski resorts match anything that is available anywhere else. Many ski resorts make accommodation available as an option right on the slopes, with ski-in and ski-out convenience that makes it possible for the guest to ski up to the door - then ski away at their convenience. The resorts have many activities besides skiing among others like snowmobiling, hot tubbing, sledding, horse, and sled, dog-sledding, including indoor and outdoor swimming. Then there are the local forms of entertainment, such as clubs, and theater. In terms of the Spanish ski facility, one may liken it to a Vail ski resort


Should you be seeking a longer skiing season, you'll want to remember the Baquiera-Beret, located in Lerida. Here, the season begins in November and concludes in April. Another plus for this destination is that it affords the skiing enthusiast numerous slopes with a countless number of handicaps beginning with novice, through to those who like to live on the edge. Spanish facilities are well liked and respected. Everything is provided here in Spain from chairlifts to professional instructors. Spain has the distinction of possessing the largest indoor ski resort in Europe. To the ski enthusiast that means they can play year round - even in the summer months. Considering the warm Spanish climate, skiing in Spain is developing a colorful personality. Your friend back home will know that you have enjoyed yourself. You don't have to worry about summertime weather conditions you only have to be concerned with your own skiing abilities.

There is only one country in Eruope that has more ski slopes than Spain and that country is Switzerland. After all is said and done, there are some 36-ski resorts here where you'll have ample skiing opportunities. On the Pyrenees it's snowing and you'll find the finest ski resorts. Spanish resorts are as great as any in the Alps. If you travel north of Madrid on the other hand, you'll find a pleasant skiing experience including that of La Rioja, Alto Campoo as well as San Isidro.

These destinations are those in the Pyrenees. Here, there's always fresh powder that lasts for days. So, if you really want to repeat skiing in Spain the Pyrenees should satisfy you. Nonetheless, if you're on a shoestring budget you might want to think about other ski destinations.

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